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In addition to the upcoming trips described on the Trip Schedule page, the Club also has the following events scheduled.
Today is 1/22/2019.



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2/2/2019Sailing The Florida Keys
The original plan for the Florida trip was do visit the Upper Keys, starting from a charter base in the Miami area. In addition to the wonderful sailing and tropical setting of the keys, the trip would contribute to the local economy devastated by Hurricane Irma last September. Unfortunately, over a year later, the area is still trying to recover. Specifically, the charter base is nothing but broken and sunken docks. The redesigned trip will still go to Florida, but instead depart from Ocean's Edge Resort and Marina, 5950 Peninsular Avenue in Key West. The goal is to sail to Dry Tortugas National Park, about seventy miles to the west, first stopping at Marquesas Keys, about twenty miles northwest of Key West. This will shorten the distance to the Dry Tortugas considerably. The Park is most famous for Fort Jefferson, where Dr. Samuel Mudd (the doctor who treated John Wilkes Booth) was imprisoned.
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