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On-Land Training

Virtual Sessions

The Club has scheduled three virtual sessions for April and May, 2023. These will be recorded and available for viewing a week or two later.
Due to their popularity, more sessions are being considered.

April 6, 2023; 7:00 PM - Communication

Ship-to-ship, ship-to-shore, person to person.
The April 6 session can be viewed here:

April 27, 2023; 7:00 PM - Power & Battery Management


What are all those switches for, anyway.
The April 27 session can be viewed here:

May 11, 2023; 7:00 PM - How does a sailboat sail?

Learn the basics of wind and sail interactions..
The May 11 session can be viewed here:

Last Year's Training Sessions

April 1, 2022 What to Pack for a Trip, and What to Put It In

The April 1 session can be viewed here:



April 15, 2022; General Boating and Sailing Terminology

The April 15 session can be viewed here:

As well, the handout provided ahead of the session can be downloaded here:




April 29, 2022; Boating and General Maritime Safety

The April 29 session can be viewed here:



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