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Response to this year’s Day Sail with Barnegat Bay Sailing School (BBSS) was double what it was last year. We expanded from two full boats, to four full boats. Since BBSS only has two boats, both boats sailed at 10 am and again at 2 pm. In total twenty-four people enjoyed a 2 ˝ hour sail on beautiful Barnegat Bay. We had six Sailing Club members on each boat, along with a BBSS supplied skipper, whose local knowledge was evident. Eleanor Popolizio coordinated (read cat herder) the folks on the 10 AM morning sail and I provided what little organization was necessary for the 2 PM sail once it was learned that one boat had a bimini and one did not.

In between sails, both groups gathered at The Cove Bar & Grill overlooking the bay for lunch. Arriving at the restaurant at 12 noon worked well for the 2 pm sail group, as we were able to secure a table outside and were served in time to drive the 7 minutes to the marina. The 10 am sail group arrived closer to 1 pm and by that time, all the outside tables were full. However, since they had spent several hours out on the bay, the air conditioned interior dining room was more than welcome. There was lots of stopping by the table for a chat between the two groups.

The weather was superb with temperatures in the mid-80’s. On board we had interesting and educational conversations about the bay, sail trimming and the boats performed beautifully. The participants were 25% new members and another 20% were long time members who rarely participate in longer club trips. The remaining were all long time members who know that time spent on the water messing about in boats, along with lunch at a Jersey shore seafood restaurant, is a perfect July Sunday afternoon. As a matter of fact, we had one luncheon participant who incorporated the day sail luncheon into his full day motorcycle ride trip --- thanks for joining us Bob Rainey!

Here are some photos of the day...I believe they provide better information than any words.



10 am Group - Top row (L-R): Eleanor Popolizio, Kathy Griesel, Tom Elliott, Jack Buckley, Doug Griesel, Peg & Gary Brubaker, Deb Testa. Seated (L-R): Helen Buckley, Wendy Elliott, Cindy Humen and Bruce Gollob.

Doug&Cindy.jpg     EleanorAtHelm.jpg

Bruce and Cindy                                                                      Eleanor at the helm


Peg at the helm



The 2 pm sailing group gathered for lunch at the Cove outside at 12 Noon - From the left - Rudy & Kim Vallejo, Bob Rainey, Mary Ann Gordon, Caroline Winter, Kathryn Golden, Jitender Singh, Jim Malone, Ron Vitali, Cindy Peterson, Cindy Persaud and Walt Wronka.


IMG-1940.JPG         AfternoonRudy&friends.JPG

       Jitender at the helm - Capt Mike keeping watch                               L-R Cindy Persaud, Rudy & Kim Vallejo


 2 pm Sailboat #2 - Back to Front, L-R - Kathy Golden, Jim Malone, Caroline Winter, Ron Vitali, Cindy Peterson and Lucianna DiMeglio

       The 10 am Cruise

Boat #1

Eleanor Popolizio

Bruce Gollob

Cindy Humen

Gary Brubaker

Peg Brubaker

Deb Testa

Boat #2

Helen Buckley

Jack Buckley

Doug Griesel

Kathy Griesel

Wendy Elliott

Tom Elliott

The 2 pm Cruise

Boat #1

Mary Ann Gordon

Rudy Vallejo

Kim Vallejo

Jitender Singh

Cindy Persaud

Walt Wronka

Boat #2 

Kathryn Golden

Jim Malone

Lucianna DiMaglio

Cindy Peterson

Ron Vitali

Caroline Winter


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