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Trainers (Skippers) Bob Rainey and Mia McCroskey and trainees met on a cool, cloudy weekend in May for The Sailing Club’s annual On Water Training weekend. We kicked off the weekend on both boats, with learning about the boat’s systems from electrical to windlass. Away from the dock, everyone had a chance to drive under power, focusing on precise steering and speed control by driving a slalom course and figure eights in forward and reverse.

Each boat practiced anchoring, and then served as a temporary dock for the other boat’s students to practice on. After one practice run the approaching boat actually rafted up and both crews had lunch before continuing the drills. On Sunday we raised the sails and practiced tacking and gybing, making full use of the light breeze. Congratulations to all of our trainees for taking the weekend to sharpen their skills before the start of the cruising season.



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