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Antigua and Barbuda, two islands, but the name of one country. It is an independent Commonwealth with strong ties to the United Kingdom. Positioned where the Atlantic and Caribbean meet, it is the most southern, and largest, of the Leeward Islands. It is known for its beautiful, reef protected beaches, rainforests and resorts, and steady trade winds.

English Harbor

The land temperatures range between 74°F – 88°F from night to day, and an idyllic water temperature averaging 81°F, even in February. Northeasterly winds of about 15 – 20 knots (17 – 23 mph) are the norm from November to May and tidal ranges are typically slight, between 12 to 18 inches. There is a lot more information at the Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority website ( , and also at The currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar (about 37 cents US), but many establishments gladly accept US dollars.Upper Keys Chart

The hope is to also sail to Barbuda, which lies about 30 miles to the north of Antigua. If that is not possible, the places to visit in Antigua are abundant.

Tentative Itinerary

February 4 (Sunday)
We will be able to board the boats at 12 Noon. We’ll plan to leave when the boats have their boat check-outs and chart briefings - approximately 3 pm. It’s a very short sail to Falmouth Harbor and drop anchor for the night.

February 5 (Monday)
Weighing anchor early, we'll set a course to Jolly Harbour, arriving by about 3 pm, so that we can enjoy the area before dinner ashore. As anchoring is not allowed in the harbor, boats will be either at a slip or on a mooring ball.

February 6 (Tuesday)
Another early morning start so we can arrive at Dickenson’s Bay (approx 10 nm) while the sun is still overhead. The beaches and snorkeling here are reported to be superb. There is also a one mile long reef.

British phone booth - Dickenson Bay, Antigua

February 7 (Wednesday)
Sail to Barbuda (30 nm) and anchor, possibly at the famous Pink Sand Beach.

February 8 (Thursday)
This will be a layover day. There are a number of possible activities, including a guided tour of the Frigate Bird Sanctuary, go snorkeling, visit Codrington, or just wander and enjoy the beaches.


Palaster Reef - Barbuda

Pink Sand Beach - Barbuda
Pinkest (from tiny shells) from May-January,
but early Feb we may luck out.

The Frigate Bird Sanctuary is in Barbuda's northwestern lagoon and accessible only by local guides in small boats. It contains over 170 species of birds including over 200,000 frigate birds.

Alternative to Barbuda

February 7( Wednesday)
Sail from Dickenson Bay to Great Bird Island: It’s uninhabited and, therefore, unspoiled. It is a popular snorkeling destination. Great Bird Island is actually part of the group of small islands known as the North Sound National Park (Pictured at left - Hell's Gate on Great Bird Island).

February 8 (Thursday)
A layover day to explore, snorkel, or maybe go for a day sail.



February 9 (Friday)
If departing from Dickenson Bay, we will head back to Jolly Harbour and pick-up a mooring ball or slip. We will probably have dinner on shore as there are some great restaurants! Everything from Caribbean to Greek to fine French cuisine. If returning from Barbuda, skippers will decide that morning the best destination, but it could well be Great Bird Island, but without a layover day.

February 10 (Saturday)
We bid farewell to Jolly Harbour (or possibly Great Bird Island) and set a course for Freeman’s Bay near the entrance to English Harbour.  Skippers might plan their approach to provide a good view of the Pillars of Hercules (pictured at right), a natural geological rock formation carved by wind, rain and the sea.

February 11 (Sunday)
A free day for sailing. Or perhaps do some beach exploring before weighing anchor. It's not far to the charter base where we should arrive by late afternoon. A dockside must-go party will cap our week of fun in the sun.

February 12 (Monday)
We have to be off the boats with all our gear by 11 AM. You don’t have to go home, you just have to vacate a clean and orderly boat.

Getting There and Away
For those on the east coast, there are daily direct flights to V.C. Bird International Airport (ANU) on Jet Blue from JFK. If traveling to and from JFK is an issue; American, Delta, JetBlue and United have daily direct flights to Miami from Newark. There are a few flights to Antigua with a stop in Miami. Or, you can create a route with your own stops. The airport is about a half-hour ride to English Harbour. Antigua observes Atlantic Standard Time year-round and so in February the time will be one hour ahead, or later, than Eastern Standard Time.

The Boats
Three boats have been reserved - two from Moorings and one from Sunsail. They are co-located at Nelson’s Dockyard in English Harbour. Each boat has three cabins and two heads and there will be six people per boat.

Moorings 42.1 - 3 Cabin Moorings 46.3 - 3 Cabin SunSail 41 - 3 Cabin

The cost of this trip is $1,700.00 per person (Skippers and Trip Leader $856.00). This price covers charter fees and some mooring ball fees. Provisioning, fuel, other mooring or slip fees, and other incidentals are additional and will be handled by each boat's crew.

The deposit for this trip is a non-refundable $200.00. Please make your check payable to The Sailing Club, Inc. and mail it, along with your completed two-page Reservation/Release Form to Mary Ann Gordon at the address below. Reservations will be processed beginning June 19, 2023 with a random draw of those received by that date. All reservations received after that date are on a first come, first served basis. A second payment of $500.00 is due on September 15, 2023. A third payment of $500.00 is due on October 15, 2023. The final payment of $500.00 is due on November 15, 2023.

NOTE: A special cancellation policy applies for this trip. Any cancellations after December 4, 2023 will not be eligible for a refund, unless a replacement is found.

Travel insurance is NOT included in the trip price. Confirmed participants should make their own decisions regarding insurance that would provide coverage appropriate to their needs and that they feel best protects them in their individual situations. Two useful resources for comparing plans are and As always, read all policy terms and conditions carefully.

A pre-trip meeting will be held at a time and place to be announced. All crewmembers should make every effort to attend in order to meet your crewmates, plan your meals, and make travel plans.

Please note that sailing conditions are dynamic, that your safety, and that of your crewmates, depends on your good physical health and agility.


Trip Leader     

Assistant Trip Leader

Mary Ann Gordon                      
2714 Packer Court
Bridgewater, NJ 08807                      
Bob Rainey                      
2006 South Branch Drive
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